Blackwood Duo

Blackwood is a duo that draws upon the wide ranging performance experience of composer/organist/pianist Peter-Anthony Togni and bass clarinetist/composer Jeff Reilly. Together these two musical soul-searchers have toured the world with the trio Sanctuary, released concertos for bass clarinet and choir on the German label ECM, as well as creating string orchestra concertos and full length works for solo bass clarinet and vocal quartet on the Montreal based label ATMA classique. In Blackwood, the two of them explore the full range of their musical experience, from modality to modernism, in a sound that has the precision of gesture and clarity of focus that blurs any simple distinctions between improvisation and composition, and does so with a musicality and sensitivity that reminds us that such distinctions are moot. Together they have played hundreds of concerts touring Russia, China, Europe and North America performing in a range of contexts: jazz, contemporary classical, choral, orchestral, string orchestra, and Gamelan orchestra. The glue that holds these two together is a common love of improvisation, a passion for taking musical risks, and a deep desire to connect with their audience. Long time collaborators at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation they have been playing and creating music together since 1998.

Upcoming Events

100 Candles ( 2018-12-18 )

100 Candles ( 2018-12-01 )

Cookie Concert with Blackwood Duo ( 2016-12-03 )