Saturday April 4 2015, 2:00 PM

Cookie Concert with Celtic Trio - Stacy Chadwell, Mary Knickle and Cynthia Myers

Lunenburg School of the Arts
Saturday 4 April – 2:00 PM


Stacy Chadwell

Cynthia Myers


Lunenburg. The Cookie Concert welcomes a new Celtic trio. So new they are still looking for a name.

Stacy Colwell, Mary Knickle and Cynthia Myers will entertain you with their funny songs that pack a celtic punch all in three part harmony. Included are children’s favourites as well as audience participation.

Admission to the performance is $5 at the door (free for toddlers) Advance reservations can also be made by leaving a message at or (902) 634-9994.

Enjoy a freshly baked cookie and added activities that often accompany our cookie events!