Saturday May 28 2016, 4:00 PM

Duo Concertante

Cecilia's Retreat
Saturday 28 May – 4:00 PM


The performance is followed by an evening meal overlooking a scenic view of Mahone Bay.

Partners in life and music for over 15 years, Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves are Canada’s premiere violin and piano duo. Their name, Duo Concertante, was taken from the inscription over Beethoven’s “Kreutzer” sonata which reads, “in stilo molto concertante,” implying that the two performers must be equal and dynamic voices. This notion defines Duo Concertante’s artistic relationship. The “Kreutzer” sonata was the first piece the duo played when, in 1997, they burst into the performance world like “two packages of musical dynamite” (Halifax Chronicle-Herald). For over fifteen years, critics have praised their “artistry, poetry, and impeccable technique” (La Scena Musicale) and “deeply integrated performances that flow naturally as if the music were being created on the spot” (Gramophone).

For more information please visit Duo Concertante’s website