Saturday December 3 2016, 2:00 PM

Cookie Concert with Blackwood Duo

Lunenburg School of the Arts
Saturday 3 December – 2:00 PM



Blackwood is a duo that draws upon the wide ranging performance experience of composer/organist/pianist Peter-Anthony Togni and bass clarinetist/composer Jeff Reilly. In Blackwood, the two of them explore the full range of their musical experience, from modality to modernism, in a sound that has the precision of gesture and clarity of focus that blurs any simple distinctions between improvisation and composition, and does so with a musicality and sensitivity that reminds us that such distinctions are moot. The glue that holds these two together is a common love of improvisation, a passion for taking musical risks, and a deep desire to connect with their audience.

Enjoy a freshly baked cookie and added activities that often accompany our cookie events!