Saturday April 8 – 960.0

St. John's Passion

Directed by Paul Halley, featuring the University of King’s College Chapel Choir, hand-picked orchestra Ensemble Regale, and soloists.

Director Paul Halley and the University of King’s College Chapel Choir are returning to J.S. Bach in their annual cycle of Baroque masterworks with two performances of Bach’s St John Passion this April on the weekend before Easter. Bach’s masterful representation of the Passion of Christ according to St John (premiered 1724) is musically extravagant, full of foreboding and intensity yet startling in its beauty.

Featuring: Matthew Anderson (Evangelist), Matthew Cassils (bass arias soloist & Pilate, Alexander Dobson (Jesus), Philippe Gagné (tenor arias soloist), David Greenberg (concertmaster), Paul Halley (director & harpsichordist), Grégoire Jeay (Baroque flute), Margaret Little (viola da gamba), Janelle Lucyk (soprano arias soloist), Daniel Taylor (alto arias soloist), and the University of King’s College Chapel Choir.

Please see the full press release to learn more about the musicians Halley is bringing together for these performances.


Matthew Anderson, Matthew Cassils, Alexander Dobson, Philippe Gagné (tenor), David Greenberg (violin/fiddle), Paul Halley (director), Grégoire Jeay, Margaret Little, Janelle Lucyk (soprano/violin), Daniel Taylor, King's College Chapel Choir