Sunday June 18 2017, 3:00 PM

Atlanta Boy Choir with Guest Soprano Indra Thomas

St. John's Anglican Church Lunenburg
Sunday 18 June – 3:00 PM

By donation. Concert is a free will offering in support of the choir’s scholarship fund


Indra Thomas


Musique Royale is pleased to present the Grammy Award winning Atlanta Boy Choir in concert under the direction of its Founder, Maestro Fletcher Wolfe. The choir has had a long and distinguished history of performing in many of the world’s great Concert Halls and Cathedrals. The Atlanta Boy Choir is made up of 35 boys and 25 men. This brotherhood of singers includes every race, ethnic, and social strata and not only do they perform magnificently, but they also lend their efforts in the development of the choir. They have appeared in concert for Heads of States and have represented Georgia and the United States as Ambassadors of Culture and Goodwill on their many tours abroad. Often, the men appear in concert and on tour with the boys in major masterworks and have been heard in such venues as St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Peter’s in Italy. The choir was recently honoured to appear in Poland honoring the Sainthood of John Paul II. Pope John Paul II befriended the choir many years ago and had them perform with him at St. Peter’s in Rome on seven different occasions.

The choir will be joined by the American Opera Star, Indra Thomas. Ms. Thomas is well known for her many appearances at the Metropolitan and Covent Garden Opera houses. The choir’s accompanist, Robert Henry, is an internationally recognized pianist. The public is cordially invited to attend. Free will offering only in support of the choir’s educational fund.