October 6 - 7, 2018

Orchid Ensemble Cookie Concert

Lunenburg School of the Arts
Saturday 6 October – 2:00 PM
Cecilia's Retreat
Sunday 7 October – 5:00 PM

Seating limited, please reserve by email


Lan Tung
erhu / vocals

Jonathan Bernard

Yu-Chen Wang


Established in 1997, the Orchid Ensemble blends ancient musical instruments and traditions from China and beyond, creating a beautiful new sound. The ensemble has embraced a variety of musical styles to its repertoire, ranging from the traditional and contemporary music of China, World Music, New Music to Jazz and Creative Improvisation. Acclaimed as ‘One of the brightest blossoms on the world music scene’ (Georgia Straight), the Orchid Ensemble has been tirelessly developing an innovative musical genre based on the cultural exchange between Western and Asian musicians.

Enjoy a freshly baked cookie and added activities that often accompany our cookie events!