Saturday September 16 2023, 5:00 PM


Clam Harbour United Church
Saturday 16 September – 5:00 PM

Concert only is $25; Concert & “Inspired by Musique” dinner is $65


Hendrik Fisher


Musique Royale welcomes Ménestrel to perform our annual concert featured at historic Clam Harbour Church at Memory Lane Heritage Village, followed by an “Inspired By Music” Dinner in the Cookhouse across the way. The concert features singer Janelle Lucyk, tenor and lutenist Kerry Bursey and percussionist Henk Fisher. Through voices, plucked strings, percussion, and some violin, Ménestrel performs old music in an intimate manner, with ayres and ballads recounting the transience of good fortune in the life of a voyager. We will hear music by Purcell, Dowland, Gilles Binchois, Guillaume de Machaut, and a selection of timeless folk songs.

Le Palais d’un Voyageur (A Voyageur’s Palate) A menu inspired by Ménestrel’s performance of early Irish, English, and Italian songs of travel and adventure.

~Amuse Bouche~

Gravlax with Dill Cream Cheese on English Cucumber (House made with Sustainable Blue On-Land Salmon) ​​​​​​Irish Soda Bread with a trio of Compound Butters
Beurre de Pomme (apple butter)
Beurre au Vin Rouge (red wine butter)
Beurre aux herbes (herb butter)

Mixed Greens with a light olive oil & red wine vinegar herb drizzle


Tuscan Chicken Breast in Roasted Tomato & Spinach White Wine Cream Sauce
​​​​​​Oregano & Olive Oil Roasted Baby Potatoes
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables


Fresh Berries with lemon curd & Espresso Sponge

About Ménestrel

Ménestrel (Old French meaning entertainer) is a music group of Janelle Lucyk and Kerry Bursey. Janelle Lucyk is a singer and producer among an emerging generation of Canadian artists specializing in old music and historically informed performance, taking ideas from conception to the stage. Kerry Bursey is a tenor and plucked string instrumentalist whose voice is appreciated for its luminous quality and as a sought-after lutenist, is also invested in the rare practice of self-accompaniment, in early and folk music of northwestern traditions. Ménestrel has been active across Canada since 2019.

The ensemble has been featured at Festival de Lanaudière, Music and Beyond Festival, Festival de musique ancienne de Lamèque, and Montreal Baroque Festival. In 2022, Ménestrel produced a Handel’s Messiah which congregated twenty emerging performers from across Canada to be featured in historic Nova Scotian venues, presented by Musique Royale. On their YouTube channel, their songs have been praised for embodying the music rather than dominating it.

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