Saturday October 7 2023, 2:00 PM

Inkuru y’Inanga

Lunenburg School of the Arts
Saturday 7 October – 2:00 PM

$$5 at the door (4 years and under free)..


Munyakazi Deo
vocals / inanga


Musique Royale invites you to hear “Inkuru y’Inanga” featuring Munyakazi Deo, a Rwandan singer and a master interpreter of the inanga. Inanga is a Rwandan traditional harp-like instrument crafted from wood, with historical significance dating back to the time of kingdoms. It played a pivotal role in rituals, entertained royalty in the palace, and marked harvest celebrations, among other occasions. With a passion deeply rooted in his culture, Deo rose to prominence as one of the youngest and most accomplished inanga players in Rwanda. He is a Grammy Award nominee and received the Talent d’Afrique award in Canada. The concert is part of our Cookie Concert series and takes place on Saturday October 7th at 2 pm at the Lunenburg School of the Arts.

About Munyakazi Deo

Deo Munyakazi is a Rwandan musical sensation known for his mastery of the traditional inanga and his unique fusion of Rwandan blues with diverse musical genres. Born in 1992 in Gakenke, Rwanda, his early years were steeped in the rich melodies of his family’s music sessions under the Rwandan night sky. Deo’s musical journey began during high school when he learned to play the guitar and piano, but his true passion lies in preserving and promoting Rwandan culture through music.

Deo’s commitment to his cultural heritage led him to study the inanga, Rwanda’s oldest chord instrument, under the tutelage of Mushabizi Jean-Marie Vianney. He emerged as Rwanda’s youngest and most talented inanga player in 2015, captivating audiences with the hauntingly beautiful sound of this ancient instrument.

Deo’s musical prowess has not only earned him Grammy Award nomination but also recognition as an award-winning artist with the Talent d’Afrique award in Canada. His innovative approach to blending traditional Rwandan sounds with global genres has led to collaborations with renowned artists from around the world.

Deo Munyakazi continues to captivate audiences on international stages and festivals, sharing the unique “INANGA sound” with the world. His dedication to preserving Rwandan culture through music makes him a rising star in the global music scene.

Musical Collaborations: Deo Munyakazi’s innovative approach to blending traditional Rwandan sounds with global genres has led to numerous collaborations with renowned artists from around the world, including: Joss Stone (England), Saul Williams (US), Henhouse Prowlers (US), Cecile Kayirebwa (Rwanda), Jeff Neve (Belgium), Guillaume Perret (France), Nneka (Nigeria), Keziah Jones (Nigeria), Beritha (South Africa), Danilo Rea (Italy), Jake Watchel (California), Colin Crowley (USA), Giovanni Kiyingi (Uganda), Ssewa Ssewa (Uganda), Hilder Cadnoots (Belgium), J.Ivy (USA), Junior Kafi (Rwanda), One Key (Rwanda).