Annapolis Royal

St. George and St. Andrew United Church

The present structure of St. George and Andrew United Church dates back to 1911 but its history is much older. The first service of worship was under the Methodists and was held on July 3rd, 1782 by the Rev. William Black. The first Methodist church building was dedicated at the comer of St. Anthony and Church Streets in 1789. The second Methodist church building was dedicated in 1846 near the site of the old Mohawk Fort. It was later moved to where the manse now stands. It was eventually taken down and the present brick church was built.

The Presbyterian church which was called St. Andrew’s was built in 1862 and is now owned by the Arts Council and is just across the street from the manse. In 1919, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and St. George’s Methodist Church United, a forerunner of the later union which came in 1925. It is thought to be the first union of the two churches, at least in the Maritimes.

Location: 393 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal. Directions

Contact: John Montgomerie