Dawn Oman Art Gallery

The Dawn Oman Art Gallery in Bridgetown was originally built as Providence Methodist Church in 1872; in 1921, the congregation amalgamated with Gordon Presbyterian Church, thus creating Gordon-Providence United Church, four years ahead of the formation of the national United Church of Canada. The Bridgetown Pastoral Charge was a four-point charge including churches in Lawrencetown, Upper Granville and Tupperville. In 2014, the Gordon-Providence building was purchased by Dawn Oman. During its subsequent renovation, many of the architectural features were preserved: the stained glass windows, the 1902 Casavant pipe organ, its hardwood floors and the large brass bell in the belfry. Aside from its function as a gallery, this venue provides the community with a flexible performance space. Artwork by Dawn Oman.

Location: 298 Granville Street, Bridgetown. Directions

Contact: John Montgomerie and Dawn Oman