St. George's Roman Catholic Church

St. George’s Church is situated in a quiet setting along Highway #337 on the Gulf Shore of Antigonish County. The first Catholic chapel in Georgeville district was built at Morar about 1830. Remnants of that building were incorporated into the present-day vestry of St. George’s Church whose construction was completed in 1871. This vernacular style church features architectural elements including a symmetrical façade, a truncated central tower and Gothic windows. A cornerstone laid in 1860 contains a sealed bottle with coins and a document identifying members of the construction team including Peter MacKenzie, architect; John Smith, framer; and Thomas Brown, mason. Many of the early grantees to the area were of Highland Scottish extraction, including families with the surname McInnis, McLean, McNeil, McPherson and Gillis. Historically, fishing and farming have played an important part in local economy. The community invites you to enjoy a visit to our wharf at Livingstone’s Cove and explore our beaches!

Location: 9415 Highway 337, Georgeville

Contact: Nancy Layden, 902 863-3015