Old Holy Trinity Church

Old Holy Trinity Church, c. 1791, was built, by loyalists, just four years after the end of the American Revolution and seventy eight years before Canada’s Confederation. The church is the only unaltered Loyalist church in existence. It was built by Rev. John Wiswall, an Episcopalian priest from Falmouth, now, Portland Maine, whose wife, daughter and two of his four sons were killed by the American revolutionary forces. Rev. Wiswall fled America with his two remaining sons and Bishop Inglis of Halifax gave Wiswall the parish of Wilmot, in which Middleton is situated, to preach and build this historic Anglican Church.

Old Holy Trinity sits adjacent to the new Holy Trinity just on the western outskirts of Middleton on Hwy. #1. The original bell, flags and bibles are still intact and are on display when the church is open to the public. The acoustics within the old church are beyond belief and musical groups love to perform there. . Middleton is proud to be the home of such a national treasure and this designated Provincial Heritage site, and the church is in the care of The Old Holy Trinity Charitable Trust whose mission is to preserve, maintain, and promote Old Holy Trinity.

Location: 49 Main Street, Middleton. Directions

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