Poplar Grove

St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

For over 200 years, this site has been a place of Christian worship. Situated beside the Old Ferry Road in Poplar Grove (near Avondale and Newport Landing on the Bay of Fundy), St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, 908 Avondale Road, was originally built by the Methodists, possibly as early as 1794; the present building is most likely not the original structure. In 1863, the Baptists bought the building and used it until 1872. Except for occasional use by the Presbyterians, it remained closed until 1924 when it was bought by the Anglicans.

Today, people of all faiths welcome the peace and quiet found in this unique church. During Sung Evensong, with candles all aglow and the beautiful oil lamps lit, we are reminded of simpler times.

Location: 908 Avondale Road, Poplar Grove

Contact:Hugh MacNeil, 902 634-9994