St. John's Anglican Church Truro

The heritage value of St. John’s Anglican Church is both historical and spiritual in nature, being the principal place of worship for a congregation whose roots extend back to the earliest days of the Truro township. Construction of the first St. John’s, a wood-frame structure on the site of the present building, began in 1821 and was completed in 1825. The current building, constructed of freestone, is a very good example of the 19th century revival of the English Gothic style in ecclesiastical architecture. The steeply pitched roof, flying buttresses, pointed arches and tracery are identifying elements. The crenelated tower was a later addition. The actual work on the church was started in 1873 with plans drawn up by architect William Thomas of Montreal, and was finally completed in 1881.

Location: 23 Church Street, Truro

Contact:Bill Canning, 902 895-5902